Chain Maintenance

How Should I take care of my Chain?

To preserve the longevity of our chains we recommend that you not get the chain wet, for example please refrain from wearing the chains into the shower or during exercise. Because the chains are not water proof, they may become discolored from prolonged contact in water. We recommend that if your chain does come in contact with water to dry the chains thoroughly so that it does not get discolored.

If your chains become discolored in the first 30 days we can offer a replacement, however if the chains become discolored after the 30 day warranty you will not be eligible for replacement. 

Because our chains are made with silver alloys, they do tarnish with prolonged exposure to water, but especially with exposure to salt water or sweat. Because of the salt and minerals in sweat or salt water the acidic compounds can break down the metal and discolor your chain. As a result we strongly suggest against wearing your chain to the beach or in situations that may cause you to sweat on your chain. If your chain does come in contact with water, we recommend that you immediately dry off your chain so that the metal can be preserved as much as possible.